Easy steps you can start today!

Steps 1-3

Step 1

Going vegan is a piece of cake! We promise. First step is not to overwhelm yourself and to have fun trying and shopping for vegan food. And guess what, you are already eating many of these foods! Hello? Fruits and veggies! Or we hope you are eating these foods already. Start by removing one animal or animal product at a time. Chicken and eggs are a great place to start because you will save the most lives this way. YAY! Allow yourself to evolve into a vegan. Don’t be hard on yourself or judgmental with yourself. Take it one day at a time and enjoy the journey.

Step 2

Going vegan does not mean yucky, bland food people! When you remove animal products you lose a lot of the fat and salt, which is often what contributes to the addiction to these foods. You are in control here. Remember that. You will be freed of constant cravings and food addictions once and for all by going vegan. Enjoy rich, complex flavors with wonderful foods like walnuts, avocados, figs, pine nuts, sun-dried tomatoes, olives, dates, fresh basil, fresh tyme, cold-pressed flax seed oil, and pink Himalayan sea salt. Add in nuts, dried fruits, chia or hemp seeds, and Spirulina, a protein-dense freshwater algae to salads, pastas, soups and smoothies. Now is where we make you do a little work☺ If you don’t know what some of these foods are; get your booty in gear and head to the local grocery store to inquire. Remember, embrace the journey!

Step 3

It might be easier to become a vegan if you can avoid scrutiny from others. No one likes to be judged! “Don’t announce what you are doing; focus on yourself and being conscious of your surroundings, body, and food addictions first,” says longtime vegan John Salley, a four-time NBA champion and a Compassion Champ. Oh yes he is! “Be still and strong in your ability to control your own life.”

Ready to go Deeper? Steps 4-5

Step 4

Make sure to keep your pantry stocked with staples. We eat what we have access to, so stock up on protein rich, mineral rich, iron rich staples like beans, grains (rice, bulgar wheat, faro and quinoa), tofu, (we swear its yummy! Find a great online recipe) seitan, a variety of nuts, hemp seeds, and keep frozen veggies in abundance in case you run out of time and could not make it to the store for the fresh stuff.

Step 5

Experiment with the vegan version of your favorite foods! That’s right. There is this amazing place called the internet and if you go to that long, little white box at the top of your browser and type in the word VEGAN+your favorite food, like macaroni and cheese; VOILA, a vegan mac and cheese recipe pops up! Actually about 40 vegan mac and cheese recipes pop up. When you realize that you can still make some of your favorite recipes with non-dairy alternatives, like pizza, macaroni & cheese, or grilled cheese sandwiches, being vegan becomes downright FUN.

Are you all in yet? Steps 6-8

Step 6

Where can I buy vegan chocolate?” “How do I bake cookies without eggs?” “I don’t know how to speak to my friends about veganism!” Fear not –you’re not alone. Our website is full of information and resources covering all of these questions and more. There’s nothing like talking to other vegans to make your transition even easier. Link up with others through channels like Facebook or Twitter, or check out Vegan Meet-Up groups to find your nearest vegan group, where you’ll discover many friendly people happy to help. Yep, vegans can be friendly people too!

Step 7

Always remember WHY you went vegan. Was it for the animals? Was it for your own health? Was it to save our precious planet? If you get frustrated or confused, take a deep breath and go back to why you decided to go vegan in the first place. There you will find your heart and your heart will guide you back on the right path. Works every time.

Step 8

Free yourself from the scale, stop counting calories and LIVE people, truly live. Newsflash: DIETS DON’T WORK! Being a vegan is NOT a diet. Being vegan means freedom, pure, luscious, delicious freedom from dieting and yo yo weight loss and frankly, sadness. Being vegan means you are living life with a moral compass. Being vegan means you are living life with compassion. Being vegan means you are living life in alignment with your core values of empathy, mercy love and compassion towards all living beings. Now go celebrate!

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