Quick And Easy Vegan Lunch Recipes

Mediterranean Mezze Platter

Mediterranean Mezze Platter I love the look of this platter as much as I love the taste!! *In the center of a plate, put a large scoop of hummus. I prefer lemon hummus for this dish, but any kind will do. *Surrounding the hummus, each item by itself, place...

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Quickest Lunch/Snack EVER

Quickest Lunch/Snack EVER Mix edamame beans, chopped fresh tomatoes, vegan shredded cheese, grape seed oil OR olive oil, sliced almonds, salt, pepper and instant jasmine rice! It takes 3 minutes to make and its full of protein, fiber and essential fatty...

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Mexican cabbage salad

Mexican cabbage salad By VEGANvita Ingredients: 1 bag shredded cabbage (available at Trader Joes) 2 handfuls chopped arugula or spinach ¾ cup shredded carrots 1 ½ cups diced tomatoes 1 stalk chopped chives 2 or more avocados, diced Black pepper and lemon...

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Indian Cucumber Tomato Salad

Indian Cucumber Tomato Salad By VEGANvita This super easy salad is served as a side dish with Indian food, but you can also eat it as a main dish! For variety, you can also add sliced radish and jalapeños Ingredients: 3 fresh tomatoes, diced 3 Persian...

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