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Indraloka Animal Sanctuary

Our dear partners and friends at Indraloka have built, what we feel, is the most magical animal sanctuary on the face of the earth. Indraloka provides a “heaven on earth” for farm animals that have no where else to turn. Indraloka works hard to inspire, inform and empower the community, especially children, on ways in which we can better care for ourselves and the environment, while helping animals in need. Don’t miss Our Founder, Dotsie Bausch, with Indraloka’s own, Dominic the pig, in our video section.

MAD (Mothers Against Dairy)

Dairy causes massive suffering to animals, is a huge waste of land, water, & crops, and harms human health & our environment. Not your mom? Not your milk.
The founder of MAD, Ashley Capps is a huge supporter of our #XMilk campaign and believes that it is painful and disturbing, to see human mothers celebrating the reproductive subjugation of other animal mothers, and defending the destruction of other mothering relationships for profit. We whole-heartedly agree!

Milk Hurts

Exposing how dairy harms animals, human health, & our environment; debunking humane dairy trends & myths & advocating plant-based alternatives. This information is sharp, well researched and will break your heart when you learn the systematic tearing apart of mothers and their babies in the dairy industry.

Free From Harm

The very best resource for farm animal advocacy and education. Look no further if you want to learn about things like, What’s Wrong with Eggs & What’s Wrong with Dairy. Truthful, factual and inspiring!

Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine

Our favorite publication for everything vegan, fitness, training and recovery related. This magazine is a must read!

Jane UNchained

Jane is a force to be reckoned with! A tireless voice for the animals, she is the “Voice for the Voiceless” and this is her life’s work.


Our dear friend, Dr. Eric Sternlicht who is a vegan and a Diet, Disease and Exercise professor at Champman University, runs Simplifit. Dr. Sternlicht was one of the first inspirations to our Founder to go vegan and remains a consistent and dedicated supporter of Compassion Champs. You don’t want to miss Dr. Sternlicht’s 2 part video series in our video section. It will leave you with your jaw dropped!

Great Scott P.R.oductions

Our tireless PR wundrkid, Rick Scott has run this PR firm for the last 25 years with wild success. His focus has been on the music industry and sports technology but his heart passion is making this world a better place through spreading veganism. We are so grateful for Rick.

Compassion Over Killing

We work hand in hand with our Friends at COK on multiple campaigns. Most recent is our Founder, Dotsie Bausch’s, call to action to Papa John’s pizza to add vegan cheese to their menu following a particularly horrifying under-cover investigation of the dairy industry by COK. We also work side by side with COK during Veg week each year, encouraging millions to go vegan and end the suffering of animals for food once and for all.

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