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LIVE BIG. Set a goal so big that if you achieved it, it would blow your mind. Think big, dream big, believe big and the results will BE big.

As an activist or simply a passionate person who cares deeply, you work hard to inspire, encourage and help light fires of hope. You dream big, you fight for what’s right and you want to have IMPACT. At Compassion Champs, our aim is to teach you the power of impact – specifically, how YOUR impact can save millions of animals through ADVOCACY and ACTIVISM. It only takes ONE person to get the ball rolling, saving millions of farm animals from a lifetime of pain, suffering, confinement and death. Each person you reach has the potential to reach millions more. But remember, it all starts with YOU. It just takes ONE.

Advocating for animals by telling their unique stories

By advocating for animals via video and photo blogging, Compassion Champs has partnered with Indraloka Animal Sanctuary and will showcase each animal’s unique personality, characteristics, challenges and charm. We will use social media to attract viewers and followers from around the globe. Our plan includes creating a monthly YouTube show in which we will introduce rescued animals and tell their remarkable rehabilitation stories. The hope is that people will connect with these stories on a visceral, personal level and make dietary changes that eliminate cruelty by choosing a plant-based lifestyle over eating animals and animal products.

Speaking out for animals

Through public speaking, Compassion Champs will educate audiences all over the world on the plight of farm animals, the horrors of factory farming, and the harm eating meat does to the environment and human health. Our founder, Dotsie Bausch, is a renowned speaker on these subjects and is an official speaking ambassador of The Humane League, a leading national farm animal protection nonprofit. Compassion Champs aims to speak at 25 American colleges and high schools each year plus twelve times per year internationally.

The power and persuasion of videos

When it comes to the video messages that we will create and disseminate, our research indicates that YouTube videos receive an average of 6,542 views. By creating 50 videos per year and if each one receives only the average number of views, that equals 327,100 total views. If 1% (1,963) of those viewers goes vegetarian, we will save 388,595 animals each year (each person saves 198 land and sea animals per year by going veg). Amazing! If that 1% (1,963 people) continues the veg lifestyle over their entire lifespan, they will save 24,481,472 animals. Wow! You can have the same impact power by making compelling videos and sharing them with the world.

Research Note: Mercy for Animals reports that for every 100 leaflets handed out, one person stops eating meat immediately thus a 1% success rate. Given that our content will be disseminated via video, research tells us that the impact will be greater than 1%.

If you like numbers and graphs…

The Compassion Champs Impact Model is based on the Impact Formula developed by Anna Vital, a world-renowned information designer and infographic author. Vital’s conclusion is that each of us has the opportunity to impact 80,000 people in our lifetime, starting at the age of five. Using Vital’s example, we decided to take a very conservative approach that we call the Compassion Champs Reduction Multiplier (do not panic if you don’t dig math – this is an easy concept to follow). This multiplier is based on the conservative understanding that between 1-2% of those impacted by our message will go vegetarian and stay vegetarian throughout their lifetime – even though research indicates that the impact numbers are usually higher. The picture info-graphs on this page will give you an optimistic view of the impact your activism can have to save animals.

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