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Meet each Champ in their own video, titled, Reflections on Compassion who are champions of life! Each one of these Champs stands up for animal welfare, speaks boldly about saving our planet and encourages a plant based diet for health, vitality and disease prevention. Meet each Champ in their own video, titled, Reflections on Compassion and get to know their intimate stories, which will inspire and guide you to make a change. We are looking for more Compassion Champs to join the movement of Champions all over the world who believe compassion can coexist with their nutrition plan. We seek to inspire the next generation of Compassionate Champions to embrace the core values of mercy, kindness and empathy toward all living beings.



“People say ‘Real Men Eat Meat.’ What makes you a man is your ability to take a hit, stand up and take another one and keep taking as many hits as you can, until the person that hit you, can’t hit you anymore. A real man is a father, a hard worker and survivor, who takes hits all day long but keeps standing up for the heart of his family. That’s a real man. Being a man has nothing to do with what you eat.”
VP at Mercy for Animals


“Animals play a role in “equality for all” because no one is free when others are oppressed. All sentient beings deserve respect, kindness and compassion.”
Went Vegan after age 50


“If I could, I would go back and tell my teenage self that all the animals that we eat for our food are sentient beings, that they have the IQ of the dog who is sleeping at the foot of your bed and they have a right to be safe and free from cruelty and you need to think about that.”
Professor of Health Sciences

Dr. Sternlicht

“If we were to compare a pregnant mother eating animal based products vs. smoking, while you would prefer neither of them, animal based foods are more damaging and more dangerous to the developing fetus than is cigarette smoke.”

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Professional Vegan Chef

Nickie Mingarelli

“I love cooking vegan food because it’s the strongest form of advocacy I can offer for the animals. It is my way of helping people learn to live a compassionate life. I love making comfort food for people. I make vegan “chicken” and loaded mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese. I let people know that whatever they think they will miss by removing animal products from their diet, can be re-created, vegan style.”

VP at Mercy for Animals

Ari Solomon

“Going vegan, for me, was actually a lot of fun. A lot of people have this misconception that veganism restricts your diet, but actually it expanded my diet. I began to eat foods that I never would have been exposed to before like quinoa, kale and lentils that are delicious and so much more nutritious than what I was eating before.”

Attorney/Activist working on behalf of animal rights


“The idea that certain animals are for eating and certain animals are for viewing in zoos and other animals are for keeping in your home to love; these are just constructs that have been imposed upon us by our societal mechanisms that have no founding in logic and there is no basis for these compartmentalizations.”
National Champion Cyclist


“Being a compassionate athlete is important for me because I have seen the benefits of my vegan diet in my performance, but most importantly, it has made me a better person.”

Age 7 - Vegan since birth


“Animals are kind to us, so we should be kind to them.”

Student at Chapman University


“My generation is building this movement of social tolerance. Even though we are all different and we see the world differently, all of our rights should be taken into account and should be respected and that includes animals.”

Johnny Braz

“I believe that the true inner athlete is a combination of fierceness, commitment and compassion. What I eat and the compassion I display in my food choices are inextricably entwined. They are inseparable if I want to stay in the game for the long haul.”

Professional Violinist, Surfer

Jennifer Argenti

“With my days full of calorie burning activities such as surfing, swimming, running and cycling, my whole foods, vegan diet proves that no animal had to suffer for my daily nutritional needs or palate and I feel stronger than I ever did.”

Storyteller covering "moments that matter" through photo and video journalism

Kit Karzen

“I cannot call myself a compassionate person without expressing concern for those around me, including animals.”

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